Extra Shot of Leadership

If you want to become a leader or are currently in a leadership role, catch this podcast. Come hang out and join us as we share our insights and lessons learned from our experiences in leadership.  We promise to keep short, high energy, and practical.  This is not a stuffy “listen to ME” podcast.  And 100% no baloney certified.


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We’ve known each other for 10 years.  Together we are unstoppable. We have developed small and large scale development programs for our day job.  Kim admires Pepper’s passion and ability to ask the right questions. Pepper loves Kim’s ability to be vulnerable and over the top creativity.

We have created this podcast for any leader—emerging, new, or longtime.  Leaders that are juggling lots of responsibilities and have limited time to think about their own growth.  We are fulfilling lifelong dreams and have been working nights and weekends for the last 3 months to get this kicked off.  We are so pumped!

About the Show

A podcast inspiring formal and informal leaders to keep growing and challenging themselves to be their best. Come hang out and join us as we share our experiences and lessons learned.

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